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Wellnomics Unveils New Sit Stand Software Solution

Nov 1, 2016

Helpt staff get the full benefits from their sit-stand workstation

Wellnomics announces the official release of its new sit-stand software solution.  Guided by the latest research this software helps staff achieve the optimal sit-stand working pattern for maximum health benefits.  Get feedback on how much you're standing each day, calories burned and whether you're meeting goals for standing and regular postural change.

"In reviewing the research we were surprised at how little many staff use their sit-stand workstations.  People either stand too long - which can be worse than sitting too long - or they just forget to use their sit-stand workstation at all"  says Dr Kevin Taylor, CEO of Wellnomics.  "Sit stand workstations are potentially a highly effective way to offset the risks of sedentary behaviour in office work, but only if they're actually used.  We that use of specialized reminder software like this may be the key to making sit-stand workstations really work effectively."  (Read more about the research on sit-stand workstations)

Wellnomics is participating in research to help validate the effectiveness of reminder software on sit-stand workstation use (read more) 

Features in the software include:

  • Guides user through choosing the right sitting and standing heights for their workstation
  • Tells the user when its the right time to swap between sitting and standing
  • Provides feedback on standing time, calories burned, and number of postural changes per hour
  • Allows you to choose your desired sit-stand regime - stand more or stand less
  • Automatically moves workstation to correct height for you (with optional cable that connects computer to workstation)
  • Supports management reporting on sit-stand use across the organization

Promotional offer - FREE 1 year license.   After using the software fill out our feedback